Intelligent Virtual Agents

Answer your questions 24/7
Help your business grow
Make your customers smile

Dealing with Unlimited Questions?

You need super-agents to handle unlimited number of questions from your customers and team members.

How does it work?

Train your intelligent virtual agent

Train your intelligent virtual agent as you help your customers via live chat, or easily import your question-answer sets.

Watch it work

Now watch how your agent answer all those questions 24/7, helping everyone simultaneously.


Your intelligent virtual agent suggests most relevant questions as you start typing yours. If an exact match does not exist, similar ones are listed to choose from.

Text, image, video, animation, or even a form… Some of the elements you can use to interact with the user.

Queries without Answers

Your intelligent virtual agent instantly notifies you via e-mail for questions she wasn’t trained for. And learns from you immediately.

Reports and Logs

You can have detailed usage and session reports for every interaction. Various report templates can be set for easy access to important metrics. Specific reports tailored to your needselivered to your inbox, monthly, weekly or daily!

You can track the performance of your intelligent virtual agent thanks to chatlogs

Optional Features

User Recognition

Thanks to active directory integration, your intelligent virtual agent may recognize the user and tailor answers based on his/her user-group credentials.

Conversation API

Conversation API allows the product to be available on various platforms such as web, intranet, mobile, Facebook page, etc.

Easy Feedback

Users can provide feedback directly via chat interface to evaluate their conversation experience.

Content Management

Questions may be prioritized and grouped for easy content management.

User Friendly

Our chatbots provide your users with an easy to type interface

Try it for free

Sign up in less than two minutes. Enter your questions&answers in 5 easy steps via setup wizard. Test your fully functional intelligent virtual agent for 1 month for free! You can export your content anytime.